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Reiki Therapy

My Reiki journey started in September 2021, after passing and in July 2022 after completing over 100 hours of practice and undertaking a further course, I completed my level two and currently working toward my advance level before I embark on my Master Reiki course.

Reiki is a relaxing complementary therapy that works with energy. Such energy is acquired as extra energy that the therapist learns how to draw into their body and is released through the Reiki process to the client to improve the client’s own energy to help with physical and emotional in-balances.

When the mind and body are not working in harmony due to stresses, anxieties and fears, we start feeling emotionally and physically unwell. So this is where Reiki energy works, it helps the parasympathetic nervous system, which balances and slows down the the Autonomic Nervous System allowing our bodies to work more efficiently.

In doing this the body can work naturally to heal itself. Reiki is carried out in a quiet room, with gentle music, generally lying down using a therapy bed but can be carried out seated in a chair.

The session lasts for 60mins, with 45 minutes of Reiki, sessions are charged at £45.00 per session.

If you would like a Reiki session with Jacqui please call her on 07717856999 or email at jacqui@jsntheraoies.co.uk

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