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Posted on: 12-Jan-2023 09:24:58
A new year, a new month, new beginnings

Many of people think of January as a dull bleak month, they feel that all the excitement is over and there is nothing to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be that way it can be what ever you want it to be.

Posted on: 12-Jan-2023 09:12:15
Innocent until proven guilty

What is the meaning of ‘Guilty’? In the eyes of the Law, Guilty, means being responsible for a specific wrong doing, resulting in some form of penalty. However, it may be that someone may not break the law but be guilty of a moral code such as having an affair or just being unkind to others because they are unhappy.

Posted on: 12-Jan-2023 09:00:46
Setting Healthy Boundaries

What are Healthy boundaries? Boundaries are invisible fences which mark where your comfort zone ends. They can be in relation to personal space, emotional thoughts and feelings, time and energy, psychological health, Intellectual thoughts and beliefs, personal or work relationships, sexuality and sexual expectations and material boundaries.

Posted on: 02-Aug-2022 08:58:44

Love is a wonderful, powerful and strong emotion that can make your heart jump or miss a beat. It can make you feel elated like you can walk on air and that anything is possible.

Posted on: 05-Jul-2022 16:55:24
Bullying At Work - Marie’s Story

Recently I had a beautiful young lady, come to see me for help. She explained that after leaving Uni there were no jobs available so she had been out of work for many months.

Posted on: 07-Jun-2022 11:27:12
A Broken Heart

During the last few years I have spoken to and helped numerous family members, friends and clients who had suffered a loss of someone they loved and each of them reacted differently.

Posted on: 10-May-2022 16:09:43
Breaking up  is hard  to do

Kim, a mother of 4 came to see me a few years ago as her husband had been sexually involved with an escort and she was have difficulties dealing with this. Despite taking him back, Kim was not happy. She felt as if she was going with the flow for the sake of the children but remained angry and hurt she was cheated on and resented how well he got on with the children after what he did to her.

Posted on: 08-Apr-2022 12:20:33

Many people who have been hurt either physically or emotionally by another person will feel bitterness anger, resentment and will want revenge against that person.

Posted on: 25-Mar-2022 08:55:36
A Virus in the making Emotional Contagion

Happiness and unhappiness is the result of both voluntary and involuntary influences, e.g. it may be due to news that someone you care about is having a baby, getting married, a new job, home or many other positive things that give happy emotions, making you feel happy for and/or with them.

Posted on: 06-Jan-2020 12:08:15
A New Year and Decade

Happy 2020, not only a New year but the start of a New Decade. I hope Christmas was a happy time for most of you.

Posted on: 05-Jul-2019 10:54:33
Fear of Flying - Brain working Recursive Therapy can help!

Are you looking forward to that wonderful holiday in Spain, Portugal, America or somewhere else exotic but dreading that flight?

Posted on: 04-Jun-2019 15:25:45
Auto-Immune Conditions

April and May have proved to be a positive months as I have been working with 5 new client’s with auto-immune conditions two with under active Thyroid and 3 with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Posted on: 25-Mar-2019 15:27:49
Psychophysiology-Auto-Immune Conditions

Let me introduce you to ‘TC’ my little ’T’ Cell Fighter he is very important to me and to those of us who are healthy, as without him we would not be able to fight disease and other foreign body invaders, so with a healthy amount of ’T‘Cells we are able to recover from many infections without medical help. Obviously for more serious infections we need the help of antibiotics, steroids and other treatments.

Posted on: 11-Mar-2019 10:04:04
Anxiety and Depression: Are you getting effective help or just treating the symptoms?

Many people experience stress, anxiety or depression at some point in their life

Posted on: 06-Jan-2019 09:28:02
Letting Go

I came across the above on my professional website the other day it is very powerful and wanted to share it with you.

Posted on: 05-Jan-2019 19:17:47
Happy New Year

Wishing every one I know a very happy healthy and special year ahead. 2018, has been a good year for me on the whole, it has had its fair share of happy times great memories, difficult and sad times.

Posted on: 14-Oct-2018 18:47:56
I Love You Just the way You Are

Children's book depicting a moral story is the first publication of a client with writers' block!

Posted on: 11-Aug-2018 17:54:44
I Don't Like Mondays

Anxiety about working on Mondays, habit, pattern, listening to faster beat music like the music of Kosmetiq

Posted on: 02-Aug-2018 14:54:02
Release Your Stress Through Listening to Music

Listening to Mellow tunes can release stress, anxiety, and depression

Posted on: 20-Jul-2018 08:05:52

The shocking news of someone taking their own life

Posted on: 01-Jul-2018 10:47:31
What is stress & anxiety?

What we call stress and anxiety is a result of fear. An instinctive fear also know as fight, flight and freeze response, that keeps us safe.

Posted on: 17-Jun-2018 09:03:22
Work Related Stress

How Stress, Anxieties, and fears can turn into depression, signs tired, lethargic taking time off

Posted on: 17-May-2018 14:59:41
Depression & Me

From being a successful Lawyer being bullied leading to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ill health, angina, high blood pressure, treatment, re-training as Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor.

Posted on: 14-May-2018 15:45:42
Beauty and shades of grey

Seeing beauty and colours, smiling feeling free and close to nature. When depressed seeing colour drained in shades of grey

Posted on: 22-Apr-2018 14:29:26

Abandonment, Abuse, Bullying, Jealousy, unloved, unwanted

Posted on: 16-Apr-2018 11:06:12

Communicating what you want makes happier people

Posted on: 26-Feb-2018 16:42:52

Stress and Anxiety can affect anyone at any time, it builds up from the things that happen to us, our beliefs and how we cope with them.

Posted on: 20-Feb-2018 10:01:31
Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

JSN Therapies can help stop your cravings, relaxing your mind. When you're in this altered state of awareness, your hypnotherapist will give you several phrases to repeat to yourself.

Posted on: 20-Feb-2018 10:00:48
Using Hypnosis to help with Anxiety

We all feel anxious at times. It's a natural thing. However, when those emotions are so severe that it begins to interrupt your daily life and has a negative effect on the way you live.

Posted on: 20-Feb-2018 09:59:20
Curing Phobias with Hypnosis

Phobias: they're not just fears. They don't just cause discomfort- they can be debilitating, making it impossible to travel by air or visit relatives with a dog.

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