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Anger Issues

Jay was a charming, 18 year old with anger issues and lack of self esteem and when he developed the anger, it would quickly develop into panic attacks and he could not breath. He had been taken to hospital on a few occasions where it was confirmed that there was no medical problem it was purely psychological.

After finding the core problem by means Counselling Skills, it became apparent that his problem had developed from being beaten by his step father when he was a child. However as he hated violence of any sort he developed the panic attacks in response to his own anger outbursts.

The Verdict

After one session of BWRT1 he’s anger issues disappeared so did his panic attacks. He also enjoyed the relaxation of our hypnotherapy sessions and became more positive and confident. Jay is now a calm and happy young man and in control of his life.

Client: Jay of Braintree

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