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Scared of Birds

I had a lovely lady to see me to me with a history of being scared of birds since she was a child but she did not understand why. It transpired that her mum was scared of birds. This fear was exacerbated by a bird flying into her conservatory many years later and frightening her.

The fear was causing her so much stress that she did not enjoy going on holiday as there were likely to be more birds on the coast and a particular favourite place was close to a fishing village and attracted more seagulls than normal so she would rather not go.

The Verdict

During the summer months she kept her patio doors closed for fear a bird may fly in. She was stressed when she attended therapy so I decided to carry out hypnotherapy on her to relax her and I prepared a personalised script and within 4 sessions she no longer has the fear of birds and states that they do not bother her anymore.

Client: Dee of Basildon

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