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Grieving her Mum

Nick was a very lovely young woman who came to see me with what she had called general stress and anxiety that she had suffered for many years. She had experienced some traumatic events many years earlier that she had previously attended counseling and hypnotherapy for but none had worked.

After spending some time establishing what her problems were we started working on her fears/phobias and many anxiety triggers then her grieving for her mum who she had sadly lost the year before to cancer, one by one we solved the issues and she started feeling so much better.

We then began working on her inner core problems, her self-confidence, worth and esteem which was already returning each week she was sharing how positive and happier she had become and how her life could now move on. the following is an abstract from her written thank you.

The Verdict

"I cannot recommend Jacqui enough, she is easy to talk to, kind, caring and the best listener, to have your life back and feel happy again is the best feeling in the world. I’m so grateful to her."

Client: ND Chelmsford

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