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Stopping Smoking

Linda was a very busy lady, working full time, her family were all grown up and she lived alone. Apparently, she had been smoking some 40 years since she was a teenager. She had tried to stop a few times without success, she said she just did not have enough will power. Since her divorce 5 years earlier she had begun to smoke more and at least 40 cigarettes a day, especially when stressed and at the time she saw her work was very stressful, but she claimed that she was otherwise happy. Her reason for stopping was very similar to many others I have seen, 6 months earlier she had seen her GP with shortness of breath and a persistent cough after X-rays she was told she had a shadow on her lung and was given a few courses of antibiotics and was told by her GP to stop smoking but she had continued so had the cough and she was scarred to go back to the GP.

Her daughter had visited her a few weeks before she contacted me and told her that she was going to be a grandmother and now it was important to her that she stopped smoking as she wanted to be around to see her grandchild grow up.

After a free consultation over the telephone Linda came for her appointment which lasted just over 90 minutes and she left as a non-smoker. She called me a month after her therapy and told me how much better she felt, more energy, she could breathe well, her cough had gone, and her GP was very pleased with her as her lung function had returned to normal. Linda is one of many client’s I have seen who have successfully become non-smokers and so could you.

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Client: Linda

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