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Fear of Clowns

P was a 9 year old who had a fear of clowns and people wearing masks. In the summer of last year her friends wanted her to join them in a visit the circus as a birthdays treat and immediately she became anxious and thought about the clowns that would be there and she was afraid to go she felt faint and unwell and she had to be collected from school.

After her mother was able to gain the real reason and was aware she had a total fear of clowns she realised that it was her fear that some how she had passed onto her daughter. She contacted me and I saw P for 4 sessions of hypnotherapy and she was no longer frightened and looking forward to the next circus visit. P’s mum D came back and for her I used BWRT1 and her fear diminished also.

The Verdict

"Dear Jacqui, I just want to express my sincere thanks on behalf of P and I for your kindness in the way you dealt with P and resolved her fear and also for resolving mine. I did not realise that my fear could be transferred to my daughter, I can't thank you enough, great therapy"

Client: P & D Chelmsford

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