Innocent until proven guilty
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Innocent until proven guilty

Posted on: 12-Jan-2023 09:12:15
Innocent until proven guilty

What is the meaning of ‘Guilty’? In the eyes of the Law, Guilty, means being responsible for a specific wrong doing, resulting in some form of penalty. However, it may be that someone may not break the law but be guilty of a moral code such as having an affair or just being unkind to others because they are unhappy.

The Effect of Feeling Guilty

During my seven years of being a therapist there have been many clients who were eaten up with guilt of one kind or another. Harvesting guilty feelings, was causing them constant internal distress that keeps them awake at night causing anxiety that can feel worse than the actual guilty feeling itself.
Many clients I have helped should not be feeling this guilty emotion in the first place as the reason they are feeling this is because they are good kind people who care so much.

BWRT or Hypnotherapy

With three of these clients I successfully used the BWRT protocol and for the fourth she preferred hypnotherapy which was also very effective.

Guilt is an Emotional response

I have been working with four client’s recently who had different issues, with no mention of feeling guilty but during the course of assessment it became apparent that in addition to their other issues they felt guilty about something that they have done, didn’t do or couldn’t do.

All felt they were all unable to help elderly parents as much as they wanted to, or being made to feel guilty because they couldn’t do what was expected of them by their parents and others.

Two of them felt really guilty about going on holiday and leaving parents behind in case something happened whilst they were away.

However it was apparent that both these clients desperately needed that respite break, away from their responsibility to those parents in order to recharge to be able to continue with the extra duties they had taken on as well as working and supporting a family too.


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