Anxiety and Depression: Are you getting effective help or just treating the symptoms?
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Anxiety and Depression: Are you getting effective help or just treating the symptoms?

Posted on: 11-Mar-2019 10:04:04
Anxiety and Depression: Are you getting effective help or just treating the symptoms?

Many people experience stress, anxiety or depression at some point in their life.  

Statistically 20% of the UK population is suffering from anxiety and/or depression at any given point in time.  Research says that 90% of people who receive treatment for anxiety or depression will be prescribed medication and/or a talking therapy which is normally designed to focus on, and continually analyse the issue and underlying causes and triggers.  It has been shown that medication can be an important help to many and as part of a solution can work very well.  Often clients who have been prescribed anti-depressants by their GP are able to use it as a bolster to start their journey back to good mental health, where they are able to start to move forwards towards a preferred future.

In other cases, it appears that these medications may relieve the symptoms but seldom address the underlying issues that inhibit progress. Due to the extensive waiting lists for Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), these mental health conditions linger and become impounded when further stresses and anxieties emerge escalating the condition and symptoms.

However, only a small minority appear to be able to find any long term solution through the NHS provided services.

Sadly, although there is this great awareness that the NHS are unable to cope with a limited amount of Patients with mental health problems and people are waiting many months before they are offered any help other than antidepressants. It appears these medicines can be addictive and people can become very dependant on them and believe that they cannot function without them so there is an even longer process to be weened off them if at all.

If you would like to be free of feeling stressed, anxious or depressed why not call me today I mainly use Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) (see my BWRT page), a very fast, powerful effective therapy which focuses directly on the anxiety/stress or cause of depression that needs addressing and removing the negative emotion attached to it.

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