I Love You Just the way You Are
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I Love You Just the way You Are

Posted on: 14-Oct-2018 18:47:56
I Love You Just the way You Are

I Love You Just The Way You Are is the title of a beautiful children’s book written by a very talented and wonderful young lady I had the pleasure to meet when she attended as a client a year ago.

Gabrielle Brierley, came to see me as she felt she was unable to move forward. She had these wonderful ideas of working with children and writing children books not just ordinary books but those that had a good moral story. Stories to help children recognise early in their lives that everyone is special and all have their own unique qualities despite being different shapes and sizes. This little book enforces a sense of self-worth. and self being.

Gabrielle felt that she was stuck, she had lost her drive and felt she probably had writers' block!  She knew what she wanted to do but wasn’t sure if she was just procrastinating or had she just lost her confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. to move forward.

After getting to know Gabrielle it was apparent that there were a number of issues and anxieties that needed to be addressed before we could work with her inner core issues of lack of confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

I used the brilliant therapy called BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) which cleared the old issues and anxieties then worked again with BWRT but a different protocol, after which Gabrielle felt she had her vision back could see her way forward and had the confidence to move on and reach her goals.

A few weeks ago Gabrielle contacted me and sent me a copy of her one of her recent achievements, the beautiful book,  I Love You, Just The way You Are!!

I have read this book to my grandson Kodi who is 4 years old and just started school. He kept saying nanny please read that again I love that story.

It is a beautiful story told simply but has a great meaning which will help children relate to differences and understand that we are all special in different ways, from an early age.

So why not buy a copy from Amazon, it’s not expensive and will be a lovely Christmas present for any young child.

I can help you to reach your goals, increase your confidence and self-esteem and self-worth, so why not contact me today.


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