A New Year and Decade
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A New Year and Decade

Posted on: 06-Jan-2020 12:08:15
A New Year and Decade

Happy 2020, not only a New year but the start of a New Decade. I hope Christmas was a happy time for most of you.

I understand that for some it was a very sad time missing loved ones who has passed or those that live too far away to be re-united at Christmas time or for those that had to work too.

It’s so easy to just remember the things that were not good, made you unhappy or went wrong and difficult remembering what was good. So let's start the New Year with a positive, and by simply keeping a diary or journal of the things that are good and what you are grateful for on a daily basis. Just start with at least 5 things that were good each day, and you were grateful for them doesn’t matter how small. Then at the end of the week look back and read what you have put down, notice how much better you feel, remembering those things and how looking for the positive things can change how you feel for the better.

If you would like further help in feeling positive and making 2020 the best year for you, why not contact me for a free 30 minute consultation!

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