Work Related Stress
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Work Related Stress

Posted on: 17-Jun-2018 09:03:22
Work Related Stress

Work-related stress is a growing concern in the workplace in accordance with HSE statistics ( ).

The current HSE statistics show that on average 1,230 out of 100,000 workers suffer from work-related stress, depression anxiety across all types of employment.

But are these figures true? 

Having experience work related stress first hand and the debilitating effects, I feel this is something I thought would never happen to me and no doubt many of you reading this will feel the same as it is a silent, slow burning condition that gradually takes hold of you both mentally and physically, without you knowing or understanding why you are feeling so tired, lethargic and down as if the world is losing its colour and every thing is becoming grey, nothing seems to go right and everything becomes an effort and a burden especially getting out of bed each morning. 

The thought of going to work becomes a real problem but most will struggle on until the final straw. That may only be a minor problem but it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back!

When that happens what appeared to be stress, anxiety and just the feeling of being down, takes on an all-consuming feeling that you are out of control, everything becomes a fear, you feel lost, loose self-worth, esteem and all confidence.

Now you are depressed!

Many people feel and I certainly did, that mental illness is a label, we never want to be associated with and want to hide when we are or have been depressed.

Mental illness is the description of such a broad band of conditions and symptoms that I feel if only there were another name for it that did not have the same meaning or stigma, many who were suffering symptoms would be more likely to seek help early. 

Admitting that the workload is too high or someone in a higher position is bullying you or treating you unfairly can be difficult to deal with and accept. Bringing it to the attention of the HR department or senior management is scary for fear that you will not be treated fairly.

There are many companies that have good fair procedures in place to address these problems and offer help and there are of course some companies that do not have such a good and fair process and the results can be even more damaging. 

However, by the time the problem is finally recognised and brought to attention, it is generally out of control with severe and damaging consequences affecting both employee and employer.

Prevention is better than cure, this is so true!

So if you or one of your employees are showing signs of not coping as well as they were, are looking stressed, tired and start taking more time off, then maybe it’s time to seek my help.

I can help remove anxieties, panic attacks, fears that cause depression to help regain confidence, self-worth, esteem and help you back on your feet and return to work and living a better quality of life. 

Why not contact me today to arrange a free 30-minute assessment.


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