A Broken Heart
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A Broken Heart

Posted on: 07-Jun-2022 11:27:12
A Broken Heart

Death and Dying

During the last few years I have spoken to and helped numerous family members, friends and clients who had suffered a loss of someone they loved and each of them reacted differently.

Of course the way someone dies has a big impact. It doesn’t matter whether the death was as a result of a long illness or caused by a sudden accident the extent of grief they suffer will vary for each individual.

Getting Stuck in Grief

When grieving people cannot move on they are usually stuck at the bottom of the Curve in ‘Despair’ and cannot move forward.

It is suggested that grief can take between 6 months and 4 years for people to move on with an average of about 2 years.

It is important that the person suffering from grief externalises their feelings and has support from family, friends or local support groups or contacts a therapist like me to help them move on.

The Stages of Death, Dying, Grief and Grieving

There are a few different views on the stages of Grief and grieving from eminent Psychiatrists but the most accepted and followed stages are based on the work of Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and her studying terminally ill patients.

For loved ones experiencing grief and grieving there is what is called a curve rather like an elongated ‘U’ that represents the normal grief process where the stages are referred to as:

  1. Denial, disbelief.
  2. Anger, why me.
  3. Bargaining, attempting to postpone death.
  4. Depression, realisation.
  5. Acceptance, ready to die.

Broken Heart Syndrome

Many suffer from illnesses as a result of the shock of loosing a loved one. This happened to a friend of mine. A few weeks ago she went to hospital twice thinking she was going to have a heart attack and die herself. Tests showed that she had a chest infection, the infection cleared but her symptoms continued and her GP diagnosed her as having ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’.

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