I Don't Like Mondays
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I Don't Like Mondays

Posted on: 11-Aug-2018 17:54:44
I Don't Like Mondays

Do you have the Monday morning blues? Feel like it’s the worst day of the week? Do you really know why it is? Have you ever thought, why do I feel like this? the answer is that you probably don’t even think about it, as it just happens like clockwork every Monday morning.

Well, It’s simply because it has become a habit and habits derive from our fear patterns. Think of something you don’t like to eat or drink that has become an aversion, let’s say Brussel sprouts! so once you don’t like something it’s very difficult to change the pattern.

There are many reasons we dislike things and maybe Mondays for you just seems like a long week ahead! or for some, it’s that daunting office or team meeting. It doesn’t have to be daunting it could be that you have a great day! win that deal, get a pay rise or just someone in the office makes you laugh!

You can change how you feel by thinking of all the positive things that are good about Mondays or just being more motivated as motivation comes from doing something not just thinking about it to make things happen to help you. So instead of focussing on what you don’t want, focus on what you do want today then Monday’s will start to be so much brighter.

You can start changing how you feel from the minute you wake up and tell yourself out loud, I’m going to have a great Monday today. As you look in the mirror smile at yourself and give yourself a high five, you will be surprised how it lifts your mood. The ultimate mood changer for me is music, through music you can change your mood, slower tempo as I said in my last blog, can relax you make you feel calm, help you release stress and anxiety.

Faster tempo can stimulate your brainwaves, change your mood behaviour, improve concentration make you feel happier more alert and positive. Music can make you feel alive!

I recently met an incredibly talented and inspirational guy, he is a DJ producer & sound engineer and has worked with many famous artists. Listening to his his awe-inspiring, empowering, insatiable music it has motivated me to write this article. If you don’t like Monday’s just listen to the music of KOSMETIQ you will be hooked for more!

So put those headphones on or turn up the volume in the car and listen to the amazing music of KOSMETIQ, feel how you become more focused, happier, positive and alive ready for a wonderful Monday, Enjoy your day!

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