Breaking up is hard to do
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Breaking up is hard to do

Posted on: 10-May-2022 16:09:43
Breaking up  is hard  to do


Kim, a mother of 4 came to see me a few years ago as her husband had been sexually involved with an escort and she was have difficulties dealing with this. Despite taking him back, Kim was not happy. She felt as if she was going with the flow for the sake of the children but remained angry and hurt she was cheated on and resented how well he got on with the children after what he did to her.

Eating her away

The negative emotions were eating away at her! It was affecting everything, her sleep, health and patience with the children. She felt like she was on a “merry-go-round” of emotions that she just could not get off. Kim felt that one day she would be brave enough to walk away. At that time she couldn’t for the children’ sake and she was not ready to do this.

Off her merry go round

Together we worked on her anger at receiving the call about his infidelity, the false story that he had told the escort that she was dead. Other lies about where he was supposed to be and resentment that she felt trapped and had caused her to be on anti-depressants.

After therapy sessions to clear the above we worked with an acceptance that the incident had happened and that she was prepared to move on at least for the time being.

This worked really well and she felt so much better and able to continue being off her “merry-go-round.”

Sadly after a year he cheated again so we worked with her emotions and especially moving on. Kim and the children have moved into a smaller house and I am delighted to say they are all much happier and she no longer needs to take anti-depressants.

Kim’s story is just one of many from clients I have helped with relationship issues. If you are in a similar situation give me a call for a FREE half an hour assessment.

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