Beauty and shades of grey
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Beauty and shades of grey

Posted on: 14-May-2018 15:45:42
Beauty and shades of grey

I have just returned from touring Scotland a most beautiful and picturesque Country. So many beautiful mountains, lochs, Forests of pine trees and a beautiful coastline too. I was in awe of such colours and contours and how the landscape changes. All was spectacular in its own right.

I felt so calm and at ease and privileged, that I was able to see and take in such beauty.

I was smiling more as I felt so free and close to nature, any stress that I had was forgotten as I was totally captivated by what I was seeing.

As I was thinking about how good I felt seeing the colours on the mountains and valleys, I realised that seeing such beauty on a daily basis could lift anyone's spirits and put a smile on their face, well anyone who is not depressed of course!

Sadly though for someone who is depressed it is difficult for them to see the beauty as everything to them seems mundane, it's like seeing everything in shades of grey as the colour seems to drain from the pictures or from their vision and their interpretation of what beauty is or was to them.

Most of us go through difficult times at some stage due to illness ourselves or illness of a loved one, losing a job, money worries, being hurt or bullied, or grieving, resulting in anxieties, stress and depression.

If you are feeling down, depressed, stressed and have lost your vision to see and enjoy the beautiful things around you, then I can help you regain your vision so tha. you can start enjoying life again. Contact Jacqui on 07717856999 or at

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