The Queen of Rock a Powerful Story
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The Queen of Rock a Powerful Story

Posted on: 22-Apr-2018 14:29:26

I was privileged to see “The Tina Turner Musical” a few nights ago at the beautiful Aldwych Theatre in London. 

It was a fabulous show, absolutely captivating and moving storyline, depicting Tina’s life story, an absolute must to see.

The actors were brilliant but the performance of Adrienne Warren as Tina was breathtaking! a star in her own right.

The young Tina (Anna Mae) had a beautiful voice and sang in the church choir in her hometown. Wonderfully talented as a child but she was subjected to witnessing abuse, abandonment by both parents. Tina also felt unloved and unwanted by her jealous mother.

For a number of years, she was looked after by her maternal grandmother a spiritual lady who taught Anna Mae how to meditate with spiritual chanting which kept her going through darkest times.

Upon the demise of her grandmother, she went to live with her mother and soon met with

infamous Ike Turner who changed her stage name to Tina and so the journey of being cheated on, bullied and ongoing abuse befell her for the 16 years she was with Ike.

Tina had an uphill struggle to return to fame battling against prejudices of age and lack of money bringing up and supporting her sons but through sheer determination, inner strength and willpower she has become the Icon she is today “The Queen of Rock”

What a fantastically strong woman whose story is so powerful and shows how inner strength can get you through so many difficulties, I admire this woman.

Does this story resonate with you? have you been subjected to or witnessed abuse, been abandoned by your loved ones, been the subject of bullying and made to feel unworthy or felt that your loved one was jealous of you and made you feel unloved and/or unwanted.

JSN Therapies can help you change your future by putting hurtful, painful memories that hold you back, to rest. so that you can become the best you can be.


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