The art of communication
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The art of communication

Posted on: 16-Apr-2018 11:06:12

Have you ever felt that you were the only one in the relationship who cares when it comes to Birthdays Christmas and Anniversaries!

Do you always buy that special card in advance, choose a gift that you know your partner would like, cook a special surprise dinner or book their favourite restaurant and enjoy seeing them happy with all you have done getting it right?

However you know that when it comes to your Birthday Christmas or anniversary gifts your partner will forget or if they remember the card, it will not be special and the gift is likely to be something practical for the home or garden, not something personal for you.

Leading up to that special day do you start to get upset, feel unhappy and even get angry at the thought that history will repeat itself and you will yet again be disappointed, hurt and angry with them.

Why let this happen?

Is it to punish yourself, self-sabotage or punish them? so that you can say how they do not care or how selfish they are when you are so caring and thoughtful?

Think about this honestly, what do you gain by this and what do you achieve?

 Another miserable day!

We are all individuals, we think differently, feel differently, some things are more important to one person than to others. 

Forgetting that special day does not make them a bad person. 

If you are able to share what makes you happy and help your loved ones by showing and telling them instead of leading them into a trap you will both be happier and it will lead to your relationship being happier and more fulfilled.

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