Bullying At Work - Marie’s Story
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Bullying At Work - Marie’s Story

Posted on: 05-Jul-2022 16:55:24
Bullying At Work - Marie’s Story

Recently I had a beautiful young lady, come to see me for help. She explained that after leaving Uni there were no jobs available so she had been out of work for many months.

Having undertaking a job under a government scheme she then secured a full time position and had been working at her new job for a few months, successfully completing her 3 month probation and was due for a wage increase.

However she had noticed that her boss had a sarcastic sense of humour and could be moody. Within a short time, he began to make inappropriate comments about what and how much she ate and drank and that she should join a gym.

'Work related stress'

As a result Marie didn’t want to go into the office and became emotionally and physically run down as the negative comments increased.

A month later she was called into the office and told that she was being made redundant as her boss had decided that he no longer needed anyone to undertake the social media work. She was told that she needed to to work a 4 week notice. A few days later, however a sign was placed in the window of the office essentially advertising what was her role.

Naturally really upset her and she was made to show candidates round when they attended for interview. Marie worked for two weeks but the atmosphere and comments became intolerable. She became very unwell and her GP signed her off work with ‘work related stress” for her last two weeks.

Bullying in the work place is very common

I initially advised Marie to see an employment solicitor as she may have a claim for unfair dismissal for the bullying treatment which she was considering. I worked with Marie on her anger and sadness as a result of the bullying treatment and then we did further work on her self esteem, confidence and not feeling good enough.

Bullying in the work place is very common. There are many narcissistic managers who get there kicks out of hurting and demoralising others. This is not ok. Give me a call I can help you regain your self esteem, confidence and self worth.

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